SIXM is an affiliate of the AMREP Supplier Management Services group, a globally-recognized provider of supplier quality control, quality engineering, and supplier management services to advanced manufacturing and technology companies.


We help customers gain the full benefits of Mexican manufacturing and make the procurement decisions that deliver transformative value to their organizations. Being supplier quality professionals ourselves, we know that the best quality control and cost minimization method is to get the suppliers right in the first place. That’s why we’re here – to offer you full quality assurance from the very beginning of your procurement cycle. ​

The SIXM Difference

  • An independent strategic procurement and quality control partner, not a sourcing/buying agent. We don't work on a commission basis.
  • Integrated quality assurance throughout your procurement cycle.
  • We solve the problem of 'what you see is NOT what you get'. We have local experienced staff who act as your field procurement representatives and provide you with real-time supplier intelligence and feedback
  • Save time, energy and money. We won't give you endless lists of suppliers for you to research. We do the hard work for you and give you suppliers we know can perform.

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