SIXM | SIXM is a platform for manufacturers to find high performing low-cost suppliers in Mexico.
Find Mexico’s best suppliers here. We’re a product sourcing and supplier discovery platform offering integrated supplier intelligence, auditing, quality control, supplier management, and procurement advisory services to clients looking for low cost manufacturing solutions.
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Your Days of Trawling Through Supplier Lists Are Over

Welcome to SIXM, Your Gateway to
Mexico’s Best Suppliers

We are Supplier Information Exchange Mexico, the latest innovation in sourcing. We are a platform offering integrated supplier intelligence, supplier search and verification, quality control, and supplier management services to  manufacturers looking to source from Mexico.

Unlock Mexico’s potential in low-cost manufacturing. We enable you to identify, evaluate, and develop the suppliers who will give you the performance advantage, security, and cost savings you need to drive your business forward.

We’re great at this because we’re a group of quality inspectors and engineers with decades of experience in managing Mexican suppliers’ quality. We’ve worked with the world’s best in manufacturing and know the importance of effective strategic procurement. We know who are the Mexican suppliers who can perform.

So say goodbye to your days of trawling through supplier lists and online marketplaces.


Strategic Sourcing

Supplier research, identification, qualification and strategic sourcing..

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Quality Control

Product inspections and supplier quality engineering to deliver..

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Supplier Intelligence

Accurate, up to date information on Mexico's supplier markets..

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Supplier Management

We build sustainalbe, collaborative relationships between you..

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