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Mexico is an excellent place to set manufacturing operations for many reasons. It is a good production option for foreign companies interested in utilizing a cost-effective and efficient workforce. Mexico is the second most favored nation for manufacturing industries. Here are some reasons why US companies consider Mexico a good place for manufacturing:

  • Skilled low-cost labor force
  • Tax advantages on IMMEX
  • Lower taxes, reduced trade barriers from USMCA
  • Nearshoring partner advantages
  • Closeness to market and consumer base enables them to fulfill just-in-time requirements of both.
  • Flexible minimum order quantities (MOQs)

Mexico's low landed costs are attractive compared to other developing country options. It is suited to serve as a manufacturing venue for short to medium-run products with a high degree of engineered content. Along with low-cost labor, it also has inexpensive living.

From consumer rates to rentals, everything is 100% lower than in the US. Mexico offers much steadier wages that help companies easily forecast manufacturing costs. According to Statista, from 2019 to 2020, Mexico has increased labor costs per hour from $4.66 to $4.82 USD. This is much lower than China's cost over the same period.

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