Frequently Asked Questions

Our experienced team will develop a quality control checklist and in-depth inspection criteria. Our local quality control experts in Mexico will carry out this testing with a complete report and a range of testing services. SIXM is your helping hand at every stage, including Pre-production and inception before shipment. We also track supplier performance and provide reports.

Yes, you can hire an expert quality control inspector at the pre-production stage. You can take our services at any phase. At SIXM, our goal is to ensure product quality with the inline standards you have set for your customers.

Our top-notch supplier quality engineers have excellent communication, problem-solving skills, and an eye for supply quality control. They will ensure that all products delivered from a supplier comply with manufacturing specifications and your company standards.

We have extensive experience in industry quality standards, management systems, and manufacturing processes. Our standards include :

  • ISO ((International Organization for Standardization)
  • MIL (Military Standard)
  • TS (Technical Specification )

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