Frequently Asked Questions

SIXM defines a strategic sourcing specialist as somebody who combines engineering, supplier management, quality, manufacturing, technical, and business knowledge to find high-performing and cost-effective suppliers. Their job is to use an interdisciplinary approach to help businesses procure the goods and services they need while meeting cost, delivery, quality, and technical objectives.

While used interchangeably, there are differences between strategic sourcing and procurement. Procurement refers to the entire process of planning purchases to price negotiations to inventory management. Sourcing is a stage in procurement and refers to the act of finding and qualifying suppliers - basically all the actions before making a purchase with a supplier.

Effective strategic sourcing can make a tremendous positive difference in a company's supply chains and business. The best way to find a sourcing company is to do a web search and then contact the ones you’ve found online. See how they respond - a company that takes the time to really understand you and your business is the one that’s most likely to work well for you. That’s exactly what we do at SIXM!

Strategic sourcing is a body of professional knowledge that can help businesses structure complex supply chains effectively and efficiently. Here are some of the other benefits of strategic sourcing:

  • Reduce cost
  • Maximize performance
  • Mitigate supplier and supply chain risk
  • Positive supplier relationships
  • Greater accountability and transparency
  • Opportunities for continuous improvement

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