Solve the problem of what you see is NOT what you get. Save yourself time, effort, and money. SIXM has boots on the ground in Mexico to verify your supplier lists and the names and pictures you see on your screen. We do the hard work for you and tell you who the high-performing Mexican suppliers are. ​

If you are diversifying your procurement strategy into low-cost country sourcing or are interested in Mexico’s sourcing potential, we at SIXM are able to offer you strategic advice and on-site localised support with market research, supplier discovery, supplier assessment and qualification, supplier negotiations and developing an engagement strategy for Mexico.


Our Specializations

Supplier Qualification

Check and verify before you buy. We have Supplier Audit Teams to analyse your suppliers’ manufacturing capabilities, industry certifications, technologies, risk, quality control processes, financial stability, raw material sources, product quality, logistics arrangements and personnel. We develop the audit parameters according to your specifications.

Local Knowledge and Supplier Discovery

Leverage our staff’s deep industry and supplier networks. Utilize their knowledge of Mexican culture, language, and local manufacturing practices to research, negotiate, and manage your suppliers. We can also help you with uncovering ‘hidden’ suppliers – suppliers which have not put themselves online and have very low visibility.

Engage Mexico

Achieve a ‘soft landing’ in Mexico’s sourcing landscape. We offer market and country assessments, category assessments, costings analysis (including Total Cost of Ownership), and risk assessments to assist you in evaluating Mexico’s sourcing potential. We also offer training and advisory sessions to induct your staff into operating in Mexico and working with Mexican suppliers.

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