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SIXM is the best sourcing and procurement engineering company for anybody looking to source or manufacture products, components, and materials at a low cost in Mexico and Latin America. Trust SIXM for reliable and result-driven Mexico sourcing and procurement services.

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Our Expert Sourcing and Procurement Specialists will take care of identifying excellent low-cost Mexican Suppliers & Manufacturers, supplier qualifications, facilitating purchase arrangements, doing quality inspections, following up with suppliers, and supporting you through your sourcing & procurement process.

Sourcing From Mexico Is Now Easy With SIXM - Leading Sourcing Company

SIXM - Supplier Information Exchange Mexico - We’re Innovating Sourcing and Supply Chains

SIXM is a leading sourcing company offering integrated supplier management, procurement engineering, product sourcing, quality management, and ‘design to production support services for people who want lower manufacturing costs and faster delivery times. Our prime focus is to make sourcing from Mexico simple and convenient for everyone. Our clients include product designers, e-commerce sellers, dropshippers, OEMs - basically anybody with a great product idea and business! We follow a unique approach to procurement and sourcing services with deep expertise. We’re different from sourcing agents.

As industry veterans, we’ve worked with the world’s best manufacturing and know the importance of effective strategic procurement. Whether you want to source individual components or individual products, we’re here to help. You can count on us to identify the best Mexican suppliers for your business and help you achieve your business goals.

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Procurement Services Provider For All Your Sourcing Needs

SIXM is known as the top procurement services provider in Mexico. We strive to help SMEs in sourcing and procurement by providing them access to verified suppliers and quality products at modest prices. We excel in this because we're a group of quality inspectors, quality engineers, and strategic procurement specialists who have decades of experience working in Mexico’s supplier landscape across the key verticals - furniture, consumer electronics, plastic and metal forming, home appliances, home accessories, fashion, aerospace, medical devices, health technology, and so on.

So say goodbye to your days of traveling through supplier lists and online marketplaces.

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Mexico Sourcing & Procurement Engineering Services

Make Your Product A Reality With SIXM

Utilize our integrated procurement and sourcing services to unlock Mexico's low-cost manufacturing potential and succeed in your Mexican business ventures.

Supplier Sourcing and Identification

Our expert sourcing team will identify potential suppliers carefully matched to your project business and technical needs. We will help you build sustainable, collaborative, and successful purchasing relationships between you and the supplier.

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Mexico Strategic Sourcing

We do third party verification and audits of your suppliers to help you get a deep understanding of who you’re working with. Our audits can address technical, business, operational, quality, production, environmental, social accountability, and other regulatory concerns.

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Quality and Supplier Management

We’re quality control experts as well! We do third party quality inspections and represent your interests at your supplier site. We drive suppliers to meet your production and quality excellence expectations. Don’t worry about poor quality!

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Mexico Manufacturing Consultancy

Want to grow your well-established business? Do you have a prototype that needs production? Maybe you have a business idea in mind. Our team is here to help you in any phase of the process.

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Expert Procurement & Sourcing Support Services For All Business Types

E-Commerce Sellers

We provide the best sourcing support for e-commerce sellers who want to find or make beautiful products in Mexico. Our services will help you save time, reduce total costs, avoid scams, and obtain high-quality items with no effort.

Small/Start-Up Business

Small and start-up businesses often find it difficult to source from Mexico and manage suppliers. Our team gives you the professional resources you need to find the right suppliers and products in Mexico.

Original equipment manufacturer

We can function as your local sourcing team and help you establish your purchasing operations in Mexico. Think of us as your boots on the ground, we do everything from supplier searches to audits, quality management, manufacturing program management, and brokering the supplier-purchasing engagement.

Product Designers

Do you have a great product concept? We can help you find a low-cost workshop in Mexico who can make prototypes and do small batch productions.

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Sourcing From Mexico - Why SIXM Is The Right Choice

Our Strengths

SIXM is Mexico’s leading sourcing and procurement engineering company with decades of experience in the country’s supplier landscape. We are known for:

  • 20 years of experience
  • Focus on customer satisfaction and positive outcomes
  • Our technical, engineering, manufacturing, and sourcing knowledge
  • Unique sourcing model based on third party supplier management principles
  • Honesty and transparency
  • Supplier quality management
  • Cost-effective solutions
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Discover Mexico Sourcing With SIXM - Connect With Reliable Manufacturers

Are you a OEM or product business who’s looking for sourcing services in Mexico? SIXM will locate the right Mexican supplier for you. Let us help you with sourcing and manufacturing in Mexico. We enable you to identify, evaluate, and partner quality suppliers who will give you the performance advantage, competitive edge, and cost savings you need to drive your business forward.

Frequently Asked Questions

Sourcing companies assist businesses and individuals with finding effective supplier partners for their manufacturing or buying needs. They can also help with locating products and identifying selling opportunities. While some sourcing companies operate as buying agents and may represent a group of suppliers looking to make sales, other sourcing companies act solely for the client. The degree to which they conduct sourcing activities on behalf of the client depends on the client’s preferences.

You should only hire a good Mexico sourcing professional from a reliable sourcing firm. Be sure that the company has a good business reputation, has positive client reviews, excellent communication, and responds quickly to queries. Also, ensure that the company really takes the time to understand your sourcing needs - it’s even better than the sourcing professional has an engineering or manufacturing background as that means that they’ll really understand what you need.
Guess what? You are already there. At SIXM, our Mexico sourcing and manufacturing experts can help with all your sourcing and supplier needs.

Sourcing products from Mexico and sending them to these regions is now an easy process. Lots of Mexican suppliers have been exporting overseas for decades, plus there are plenty of logistics and customs service companies who can give you a hand. A trustworthy sourcing firm can also point you in the right direction.

No, We are not manufacturers. We’re supplier management, sourcing, procurement, and third-party quality control specialists. We’ve worked with the world’s leading OEMs and their suppliers, so we deeply understand the importance of strategic procurement strategies and efficient supplier sourcing.
We have experience with a wide range of manufacturing industries In Mexico, e.g., automotive, electronics/electrical equipment, construction and heavy industry, aerospace, telecommunications, consumer goods, consumer electronics, mining, white goods, industrial manufacturing, furniture, textiles & apparel.

Mexico doesn’t have buyer-seller portals like Alibaba, Global Sources, or Made-In-China. While it has trade and business directories such as, these are not frequently updated and they aren’t dedicated supplier portals.
Even with a supplier directory, it takes a long time to go through all the entries and to work out which company is worth contacting. That’s why it’s good to have a local sourcing representative like SIXM in Mexico so that you can save time on your supplier search.

We help OEM businesses with original Supply Chain Expertise to tailor logistic and component support solutions. Additionally, we assist product designers with small-batch productions by connecting them with low-cost Mexican workshops.

Procurement consultants will analyze suppliers , conduct compittaive analysis of suppliers , do contracts with them and implement strategic supply chain. But finding the best procurement consultant in Mexico is quiet challenging. But guess what? At SIXM , you can take the services of expert procurement consultants in Mexico. Procurement experts have curious minds and will keep on track with your business to improve performance.

Original equipment manufacturer (OEM) is a business term used in the automotive industry. OEMs are automotive companies that produce vehicles for other companies. These companies are responsible for designing, engineering, and manufacturing the vehicles for their customers. OEMs can be found in all stages of the automotive supply chain. OEM procurement free up resources and saves the cost. It will help manufacturers to focus on areas where more involvement is required.

Procurement consultants are responsible for tracking the performance of any business, analyzing the current cost, negotiating contracts with quality suppliers, and implementing supply chain and risk management strategies.

Are you considering sourcing from Mexico? Looking for a trustworthy procurement services provider for Mexico sourcing? No need to search anywhere. You are already there. SIXM is a well-reputed, reliable procurement services provider for anyone looking to source raw material, manufactured products, and components from Mexico at a low cost.

SIXM is a leading procurement company for individuals and companies looking for excellent low-cost Mexican suppliers. Our prime focus is to help SMEs in sourcing and procurement by providing them access to verified suppliers and quality products at modest prices. We have managed Mexican suppliers for the last 20 years and have experience in quality control and quality engineering.

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