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Mexico is an ideal location for electronics manufacturers because of its low labor cost and ample resources. Mexico's competitive wages are a significant draw, as are the strong engineering and technical schools that produce skilled workers. The country also has stable political conditions and plenty of natural resources.

Mexico's infrastructure is also in good condition, making it easy to import goods into the country and export them overseas.

What are the top areas of growth for companies looking to manufacture textiles in Mexico?

Over the past few years, textile businesses have been greatly interested in producing garments and fabrics. Some of the potential opportunities for manufacturers of textiles and apparel in Mexico include:

  • Rayon-based synthetic fibers and other artificial fibers
  • Fabrics with textured polyester dyes
  • Taffeta fabrics with discontinuous dyes made of polyester fibers
  • Industrial fabrics for the automotive and aerospace industries
  • Silk and delicate wool fabrics

The wide array of fabrics and textiles made in Mexico is a significant factor contributing to the growth of the textile industry and the number of market opportunities available. The increasing popularity amongst many companies moving into the Mexican market led several businesses to relocate their manufacturing centers in Mexico or expand their existing facilities, such as cotton spinning mills and roller spinning frames, to support growing production demand.

If you are interested in expanding your enterprise into Mexico, please contact us. We can help you establish factories supporting your textile needs by continuing traditional processes or using technology for advanced machinery.

About one-third of Mexico's electronics manufacturing output is dedicated to the Information Technology industry. This includes products such as:

  • Computers
  • Computer CPU
  • Memory Chips
  • Network Switches
  • Routers

Nearly a third of all electronics produced in Mexico are consumer electronics, such as TVs and other audio and video equipment. The country also manufactures circuit boards, LCD panels, mobile phones, communications equipment, and electronic appliances.

There has been a recent surge in the number of engineering and design specialists in Mexico, resulting in an increase in electronics manufacturing. Because of this, technology research and development has become one of the country's major exports. Mexican engineering firms are responsible for designing a large portion of electronics not only in Mexico but all around the world.

Yes! Mexico's electronics manufacturing industry is one of the largest in the world. With a large number of factories and a skilled workforce, the country is able to produce a wide variety of products.

Mexico has a solid and diverse electronics manufacturing services (EMS) industry, making it the strategic choice for leading OEMs and ODMs. Electronics manufacturing in Mexico provides industry leaders like Sony, Samsung, and GoPro with a skilled labor pool, duty-free access to the US and over 40 other international markets, and substantial intellectual property (IP) protections.

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