Sourcing In Mexico Appealing To Marketers - Latest Overview

Sourcing In Mexico Appealing To Marketers - Latest Overview

Mexico-based suppliers are reaching the ground in global manufacturing; it is one of the largest exporters in the world and has many opportunities to source from. It is no surprise that Mexico is the top trading partner of the United States and exported more than USD 500 BIllion worth of goods in the past year.

Because of its shared border, Mexico offers many competitive advantages due to which more and more OEM procurement consulting companies are considering doing business in Mexico. In this article, we’ll discuss why outsourcing to Mexico is becoming a popular choice for companies. The best way is to get help from Mexico Manufacturing Consultants before moving your manufacturing unit in the Mexican market.

What Makes Mexico Appealing To Businesses?

Sourcing in Mexico can be the best option to work with – reflecting the top norms of Mexican culture, they are friendly, genteel, courteous, sociable, and are less prone to trying to trick you with fake products or finding some way of cheating you.

Mexico is a highly attractive platform for all business sectors, including manufacturing and product sourcing services. Mexico's macroeconomic stability, high domestic market, growing consumer base, growing skilled labor pool, welcoming business climate, Supplier Management Services and proximity to the United States all help attract foreign investors.

Industries that do powerful will get benefit from the following competitive advantages:

  • Preferable surcharge and duty treatment for items purchased and consumed.
  • The effective price of transportation.
  • Low-priced skilled and semi-skilled labor.
  • Accelerated and more predictable delivery times.

Best Manufacturing Industries For Sourcing In Mexico

Mexico is the best alternative to China Manufacturing, for many reasons. There are a wide variety of products that are manufactured in Mexico. Including clothing, textiles, apparel, electronics, appliances, medical devices, automobiles, and much more. Therefore a number of industries are moving their manufacturing to Mexico, the most highlighted industries in Mexico are the aviation and aerospace, automotive, medical device, textile, and consumer products industries.

  • Mexico Automotive Industry

    The automotive manufacturing industry in Mexico has played an important role in the growth of the economy over the past years, attracting some of the world’s largest assemblers like Chrysler, Fiat, Ford, GM, and Toyota to name a few.

  • Aviation and Aerospace Manufacturing Industry in Mexico

    The aerospace manufacturing industry in Mexico is a top-performing sector and an excellent example of overall growth according to

  • Medical Device Manufacturing Industry

    Over the past years, some 650 medical device manufacturers have leveraged nearshore operations along the U.S./Mexico border regions, which is responsible for adding around 149,891 to the workforce and over $10.02 billion annually in exports.

  • Apparel & Textile Manufacturing Industry

    One of Mexico's largest manufacturing industries, apparel/clothing, and textile manufacturing, accounts for 4.1% (1.8% in textiles and 2.2% in apparel) of Mexico’s manufacturing GDP.

  • Consumer Product Manufacturing

    Consumer products are now manufactured in Mexico _As manufacturing costs rise in China or Contract manufacturing in Mexico, manufacturers are moving their operations to Mexico for a variety of cost-efficient reasons.

Factors That Contribute To Mexico Industry’s Growth

  • A highly trained and skilled workforce.
  • Academic, government and private sector collaborations expand device manufacturing and improve efficiency.
  • Proximity to the U.S. provides several cost-effective benefits over other global locations like China.
  • Volkswagen, Mercedes Benz, BMW, and others are getting automobile filters, airbags, seat covers, doors, bands, and cables manufactured by upgraded textile facilities in Puebla, Mexico.
  • The U.S. Department of Commerce has reported that textile manufacturers have modernized their facilities and are looking to expand into automotive and industrial fabrics.

Most Common Products Manufactured In Mexico

  • Apparel & Other Textile Products.
  • Chemicals & Allied Products.
  • Coal Mining.
  • Electronic & Other Electric Equipment.
  • Fabricated Metal Products.
  • Food & Kindred Products.
  • Furniture & Fixtures.
  • Industrial Machinery & Equipment.
  • Instruments & Related Products.
  • Leather & Leather Products.
  • Lumber & Wood Products.
  • Metal Mining.
  • Misc Manufacturing Industries.
  • Nonmetallic Minerals Mining.
  • Paper & Allied Products.
  • Petroleum & Coal Products.
  • Primary Metal Industries.
  • Printing & Publishing.
  • Rubber & Misc Plastics Products.
  • Software Systems & Design.
  • Stone, Clay & Glass Products.
  • Textile Mill Products.
  • Tobacco Products.
  • Transportation Equipment.
  • Wholesale Trade Durable Goods.
  • Oil & Gas Extraction.
  • Wholesale Trade Nondurable Goods.

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